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I am Sharon and I am a mother to 3 teenagers, 3 big dogs, 2 feisty cats and 1 snake. I am also a business owner, a bookkeeper, a college student ( better late than never) and I am tired!! I was born and raised in the Houston area and I currently live in Central Texas next to the biggest Army base in the world. My favorite place to go is Galveston, I love the ocean even if its a bit muddy from the Mississippi. I collect anything alligator related, frog garden figurines, and plants....lots and lots of plants.

The Whys

I have been wanting to start a blog for years now, but always felt it was cliché and never found the time. I used to write poetry when I was a teenager until I got married and had babies and my world revolved around them. Since I started college we have been doing weekly discussions and in this class we have been journaling and it relit my writing flame.

In fact this week's assignment we were supposed to write a blog that will engage people and I honestly was going to write it and add it to my page but not publish it. Then I wrote about something that I am passionate about and I wanted to go ahead an publish it. So now, I guess I'm a blogger.

The Whats

The blogs I plan on writing on this site will cover Bookkeeping, Humanitarian subjects, and My Life. Yes, this is a bookkeeping website and my business provides bookkeeping services, but I think by nature we are all a little nosey and like to know a bit about the people we are working with so this blog will help you out. My first post I made was about THORN a great organization that builds technology to help protect children from sexual abuse. My next will be business related.

The Closing

I hope ya'll don't mind that your bookkeeper likes to write and share her thoughts and doesn't want to pay for 2 webpages (I'm kinda thrifty) so she snuck a blog into her business page. Get to know me, learn something about bookkeeping, and lets have a conversation.

Lets Engage, Ya'll!!

Leave me a comment and say hello I would love to get to know you and maybe see how I can help your business

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